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Kebijakan Indonesia Tentang Mitigasi Sampah Antariksa
03 May 2016
UNCOPUOS and IADC has made a policy on space debris mitigation, and it was expected that the member states apply these policies. Indonesia is one of member states of UNCOPOUS has made the policy regarding space activities. However, this policy has not yet sufficient to prevent growing debris population in the orbital. By conducting benchmarking on the UNCOPUOS and IADC policy as a learning material, then the policy which is necessary to be made by Indonesia among others, are not to release and/or destructions the space objects in LEO or GEO orbit during a normal operation, all components of space system which are potential to break-ups must be designed accurately and according to quality standards, satellite or launch vehicle which has been inactive or discontinued operation should be planned to be removed from the earth's orbit, any design of spacecraft must be estimated and minimized for possible collisions with objects at the orbit. In addition, in order that the spacecraft may conduct manoeuvre to avoid collision with the small debris that may cause the loss of control on the spacecraft.

Penerapan Tanggung Jawab Negara Dalam Pengaturan Implementasi Undang-Undang Nomor 21 Tahun 2013 Atas Kerugian Pihak Ketiga
03 Mar 2016
Tanggung Jawab Negara merupakan prinsip hukum internasional yang penting dalam kegiatan keantariksaan. Berdasarkan prinsip ini setiap negara bertanggung jawab secara internasional atas kerugian yang diakibatkan oleh kegiatan keantariksaan nasionalnya…
Aspek Hukum Tanggung Jawab Dalam Kerja Sama Keantariksaan Negara-Negara
03 Mar 2016
Kerja sama internasional dilakukan oleh Negara-negara dalam berbagai aspek seperti perdagangan, ekonomi, pendidikan, pertahanan, keantariksaan dan sebagainya. Namun, dalam prakteknya kerja sama internasional di bidang keantariksaan tidaklah semudah apa…

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