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Aneksasi Crimea Di Tengah-Tengah Kerja Sama Amerika Serikat Dan Rusia Dalam Stasiun Antariksa Internasional
03 May 2016 • Read : 1530 x ,

Annexation of Crimean peninsula by Russia in early 2014 raised international political conflicts and spread to area of cooperation ISS, after United States (US) impose sanctions on Russia. This research aimed to analyze dynamics of US and Russian cooperation in International Space Station (ISS) is related annexation of Crimea. Descriptive method is used to describe annexation of Crimea by Russia, and dynamics of US and Russia cooperation in ISS. While analysis is presented by interpreting facts of ISS cooperation after annexation of Crimea which viewed from international politics aspects, concept of international cooperation, and national interests.Analysis concludes that there are still ongoing US and Russian cooperation are (i) Politically, since Cold War the two countries is still pursuing power to dominate and control each other as stated in their national interest, (ii) ISS cooperation is a tool for both countries to realize their national interests, despite there is political conflict at level of government (actor) due to annexation of Crimea, (iii) US and Russia realize that both of technical capabilities and resources are needed to ensure that the ISS will remain in continuously operation not only for two countries interest but also other countries who involved in ISS, (iv) If the ISS cooperation is failed, US as the dominant country in ISS cooperations will decrease in its credibility of international arena politically.

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