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Pengelompokan Implementasi E-Government Pada Lembaga Pemerintah Non Kementerian (LPNK) Dengan Metode K-Means Cluster Analysis
03 May 2016 • Read : 1528 x ,

This study aims to determine the grouping/clustering implementation of e-Government at the level Non-Ministrial Government Institutions (LPNK) in Indonesia based on the five dimension common characteristics possessed from policy, institutions, infrastruture, application, and planning dimensions. Data analysis is performed using the K-Means Cluster Analysis on 24 LPNK in Indonesia that participate in PeGI, 2014 based on similarity of the five dimensions. The results show that: (i) The five clusters are formed from 24 LPNK have significant difference between cluster one and cluster two, and each dimension also has a significant difference to the formed clusters; (ii) Cluster 1 consists of sixs LPNK and Cluster 2 consists of eighteen LPNK; and (iii) LPNK in Cluster 1 needs to take remedial action in the overall dimensions to accelerate the implementation of e-Government, while LPNK in clusters two are expected to refer and adopt the corrective actions taken by the cluster 1.

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