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Kebijakan Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Negara Pengguna (Studi Kasus: Australia, Korea dan Indonesia)
03 May 2016 • Read : 1071 x ,

GNSS technology is increasingly being used for various applications such as transportation, mining and disaster mitigation. GNSS has been widely used in many countries such as America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Two Asia Pacific countries that have many uses GNSS technology is Australia and South Korea. This study aims to determine GNSS policy in Australia and South Korea, and then compare it with its application in Indonesia. The methodology used in this study is descriptive explaining GNSS policies issued by Australia and South Korea and then compare them with the policy issued GNSS Indonesia. The result is Australia and South Korea have issued policies related to GNSS both GNSS development and utilization, while Indonesia has so far not had a GNSS development policy. However, Indonesia has also issued a policy related to the use of GNSS although still within the scope of the institution and has not nationally.

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