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Pentingnya APSCO Bagi Pembangunan Keantariksaan Indonesia: Perspektif Politik
03 May 2016 • Read : 838 x ,

APSCO is space multilateral cooperation organization which is established by eight countries in the Asia Pacific in 2005 in Beijing, China. Indonesia is one of the signatories country to the Convention APSCO, but until now have not become members because it has not ratifying the Convention. When Indonesia be a member of APSCO, Indonesia must pay financial contributions annually, and it will
certainly add to the burden of the Indonesian government budget. To this it have to be proved that the Indonesia contributions can give the benefits for space development for short terms, middle terms, as well as long terms. This research aims to analyze the importance of APSCO for space development which is viewed not only values the benefit from financial contributions side. The method is used is descriptive, and using political perspective, analysis resulting that APSCO is very importance for Indonesia which is can be used as a mediafor the promotion of Indonesia's capacity in the space application to the countries members of APSCO, and as a media to acquire space (rocketry) technology transfer from China or Iran through space technology development program, or other choice activities that agreed which is not contained in similar other multilateral organization such as APRSAF and UNCSSTEAP.

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