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Analisis Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Kebutuhan Pembangunan Satelit Operasional Nasional
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This research aims to (1) find a description of the condition and the development strategy of operational satellites in the ASEAN countries, (2) determine the strategic factors environment that influence to R & D of satellite in Indonesia, and (3) determine the need
for the development of operational satellites in Indonesia. The Analysis method using descriptive analysis with benchmarking, strategic environmental analysis and identification of the needs of the national satellite. The results show that (1) the background of the ASEAN countries have their own operational satellites for the sake of prestige, independence and scientific; (2) the strategic factors affecting R & D satellite technology in Indonesia, including the existence of an international launch services, the limitations of the orbital slot, the choice of profit and loss of the ownership or leasing its own satellite, and supply chain business of space; and (3) the need for a national development program for operational satellites are principled independence and selfreliance, with the mission of monitoring the natural resources of coastal areas, land and support the mitigation of natural disasters - micro-sized satellite-based on SAR.

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